What we offer

Implementation consultancy for Office 365

So, you’ve upgraded to Office 365, but you’re working like it’s 1999? I can provide a comprehensive overview of the many applications and features available within Office 365 and work with your team to identify those which best suit your organisational needs. I can provide tailored adoption support with your IT team or outside provider.

With Office 365 your business performance can be enhanced, and your staff can communicate and collaborate both internally and externally with greater efficiency. Listed below are a sample of the tools available in Office 365 that I can help you and your staff implement.

Your internal communication hub and online document storage available on any device or operating system.

A hub for staff to work on projects. A centralised location for all files and discussions related to a project. No more emailing documents. With built-in chat and calling, your staff and external partners can collaborate and communicate in real-time and get things done faster. Teams works seamlessly with Outlook and all other 365 apps.

Your corporate social network. No more all staff emails or monthly newsletters.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel
Your favorite Office apps, in the cloud, ready for collaboration on any device, running any operating system.

No need for any third party survey software. With Forms you can survey your staff and customers, with results and graphs created and available instantly.

Build workflows to streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks.

Your organization’s own internal YouTube for storing displaying videos.

Digital technologies for schools

Will you be ready for the new Digital Technologies/Curriculum to be implemented in 2020?
Looking to adopt a new Learning Management System?
Planning to move to a 1:1 device programme or looking to review your current programme?

Digital Technologies Curriculum

The Technology Curriculum has been revised to give greater emphasis to the art of digital technologies. All schools, both primary and secondary, are expected to fully integrate this into their teaching and learning programmes by the start of the 2020 school year. I can support your school with:

  1. Unpacking the digital technologies Curriculum,
  2. Curriculum mapping from Year 1 through to Year 13
  3. Digital Technologies and 21st Century skills
  4. Integrating digital technologies across the curriculum
  5. Unit planning
  6. Professional development for staff
  7. Computer Science concepts
  8. Coding Clubs/Extension
  9. NCEA digital technologies programmes

Learning Management System Support

I can provide advice and guidance to help your school choose the best online learning environment for your students. Whether you are looking to implement a new learning management system, review your current system or to ensure you are getting the best from your current system, I can provide advice and guidance.

Staff Training

In order to fully utilise your investment in technology, staff training is essential. This is often overlooked in the grand scheme of technology upgrades and implementation. Experience has taught me, that the most effective staff training is targeted, relevant and ongoing – staff need time to implement what they have been taught and follow-up sessions are critical to embed and enhance learning. I can offer small group or 1:1 training sessions and include short ‘how-to’ videos of the content covered in these sessions for your staff to reinforce learning.

ICT Strategy

Throughout my career I have planned, led and implemented ICT strategies for a number of organisations.  This includes facilitation of strategic brainstorming sessions, producing ICT strategic plans, engaging with key stakeholders, managing supplier relationships and leading cross-functional teams. I have led a number of successful ICT infrastructure upgrade projects, software upgrades and 1:1 Device/BYOD programmes. I have also planned and delivered professional development programmes to ensure that new technologies are utilised to enhance outcomes. I can work with your organisation to ensure you are maximising your investment in technology by:

  • Facilitating ICT strategic planning
  • Reviewing your current position
  • Developing staff professional development plans
  • Delivering staff professional development